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Joke: Johnny the Bandit

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In the wild west, in a bar, people doing stereotypical things like playing cards, spitting tobacco, women in vaudeville dresses showing calves in fishnet stockings, etc. Outside it’s dark and pouring.

A guy walks into the bar, all wet and looking scared, and an ominous thunder roars at the moment he flings the swinging doors. He starts screaming „Run! Run! Johnny the Bandit is coming! Run for your lives!”, and goes out through the back. Everybody becomes agitated and scrambles to the exits, some people go in the cellar, some leave through the back. The bartender hides behind the bar.

One minute later a huge, mean-looking man saunters into the bar. He stares in the empty place, looks around and then he screams „Barman! A shot of whiskey! You better make it quick…” The bartender, all flustered, hands shaking, rises from behind the bar. He takes a bottle and pours a shot. „Barman, come here!” The man obeys. The burly stranger drops his pants and commands „Go on, suck it!” The bartender, almost pissing himself, starts fellating for his life. „Come on man, go faster! Haven’t you heard? Johnny the Bandit is coming!”


Written by Surge

noiembrie 30, 2007 la 03:02

Publicat în bancuri, Lupu

2 răspunsuri

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  1. bancul asta ti l-am spus in clasa a opta 😀


    noiembrie 30, 2007 at 06:39

  2. imi aduc aminte


    noiembrie 30, 2007 at 17:03

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