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Breaking News! Dumbledore turned to the dark side

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… or, shall we say, the dark orifice?

In a futile gesture of political correctness, J.K. Rowling brought out from the closet the master wizard from the Harry Potter books. Quoting the author, „Dumbledore likes harry … asses. lol! Haven’t you ever wondered why he gets into shit each time? Why he is always interested in the wands of everybody? He’s a HEADMASTER, for crying out loud! I thought it was obvious.” By the way, if you didn’t know, he dies at the end of book six, killed by Snape.


Ok, for my part, I think the author missed a great opportunity here by not making Dumbledore a gay pedophile. Think about it! Master of a kids school, has a crush on Harry Potter… totally believable, right?! And she could have raised awareness to the tragic discrimination of pedophiles happening each day.


Written by Surge

octombrie 21, 2007 la 06:39

Publicat în anunturi, Lupu, presa

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